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Right2Drive Review: My Mercedes Benz In A Car Crash, And How You Can Get A Free Loan Car

The Victim Of A Car Crash

In a eye-opening twist of events, my fiancé was a victim of a car accident. He was sitting in our Mercedes Benz C180 in typical M4 standstill traffic when an elderly man didn’t look into the other lane before merging. A combination of going way too fast for the traffic conditions, and not paying attention to other cars on the road resulted in our precious car being taken to Parramatta Smash Repairs for the next three weeks.

Thankfully my fiancé was left unscathed but our car needs to get it’s side panel, back panel, and boot replaced, and the wheels are misaligned. The elderly man, and my fiancé exchanged insurance information so another blessing is that this didn’t end up as a hit, and run. But the news of having no access to our beloved car for three weeks was unbearable.

We need a car to maintain our lives. We live an hour away from where I work, my fiancé currently works as a freelance videographer, we both go to the gym five days a week, we create content throughout the week, and we also need to maintain our active social lives. A car is a necessity of our lives especially living in The Hills District where public transport is only being built despite the large population.

Good news is, we were able to find Right 2 Drive through one of our friend’s who recommended the company.

What is Right2Drive?

Right 2 Drive is an accidental car repair rental company that provides cars to drivers who weren’t at fault at absolutely no cost. If it wasn’t your fault, than it’s not your bill!

Right 2 Drive has helped not-at-fault drivers since 2012. They have over 150 staff members ready to help you across 19 locations in Australia, and New Zealand 24/7.

How Does Right2Drive Work?

When you’ve gotten into an accident, and you aren’t at fault, you can contact Right 2 Drive to see if you are eligible. Right 2 Drive then checks with the insurer of the at-fault party to see if they are able to cover the cost of the Right 2 Drive rental car. If the insurer is able to cover the cost then Right 2 Drive will contact you to organise the best time, and location for them to drop off a car to you!

They provide you a car that is similar to the one you drive, freshly cleaned, and with a full tank of petrol.

When your actually car is finished getting it’s much needed repairs, you simply wash the Right 2 Drive rental, fill it with petrol, and drop it off at the repairer. It’s so simple!

Our Experience With Right2Drive

Mind you, we only found out about them through a friend, and this post is in no way sponsored by Right 2 Drive. So far our experience with Right 2 Drive has been nothing short of positive, easy, and convenient.

After putting through our request online to see if we were eligible, we were in contact with Joshua from Seven Hills. As our 2015 Mercedes Benz C180 was bought for $79K, we had two rental options available: a Kia Optima or a BMW 318i.

As we live in the Hills District, and needed the car immediately, we were delivered the Kia Optima which was the closest available. Since the Kia Optima is priced at $40KAUD, Right 2 Drive apologised multiple times that the car was not similar to our Mercedes Benz C180 which is priced at $79K. The manager of the particular Right 2 Drive we were communicating with then personally drove the car to our home. After a few signatures across some paperwork we had a car for the evening!

The very next day, the BMW 318i was ready for us which we have been using the past week.

All in all, Right 2 Drive had made this difficult time for us so much easier, and stress free!

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