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Zara Tower Review - 3 Bedroom Penthouse & Soho Suite

Need affordability, luxury, and comfort all available in one place? Zara Towers Aparthotel in Sydney is where you need to book for your upcoming girls night, couple’s getaway, or even family holiday!

An Aparthotel is a mixture of an apartment, and a hotel, which is sometimes referred to as a serviced apartment. They’re design in a way to allow both short term but also long term stays.

I recently had a staycation there with my group for 3 days as an opportunity for us all to further bond, and relax from the stresses of life.

We’re a group of couples of varying ages but all at the stages of our lives where we are settling into our futures. Career progression, wedding planning, house hunting, and planning for kids means we all needed a weekend away together - even though we just came back from our group holiday to Whitsundays!

Located in the heart of Sydney city life, Zara Towers Aparthotel has a suite for any type of traveller at a reasonable price. No matter your price range, there’s a suite available that will give you all the creature comforts of home while incorporating the luxuries of hotel stays such as the deep bathtubs, plush bathrobes, king sized beds, and wrap around balconies that overlook Sydney.

Due to our group size, Zara Towers Aparthotel graciously provided us 2 suites - the Soho Suite, and the 3 Bedroom Penthouse. Both suites were quite different, and if you keep reading I’ll be outlining each one!

If you expect the 5 star treatment wherever you go then the Luxury Soho Suite at Zara Towers is for you. I see this suite as perfect for a businessman or business woman, or a couple who want the penthouse treatment without a penthouse price.

The suite is in an open, loft style design with dark furniture, and mood lighting for a continuous sense of intimacy. As you walk in, you are greeted by the 4 seater dining table, and lounge room.

The lounge room has a squishy, caramel leather couch that is seated opposite a large TV. The TV is featured within the wall length shelving that holds the stereo, and other design accents to give the lounge room some life. On your left you’ll have the window couch so you can perch overlooking Sydney streets, and behind is a thick, white curtain to hide the bedroom.

When you turn left entering the Luxury Soho Suite, you’ll find the bathroom that is equipped with a shower, toilet, and vanity/dressing table. The kitchen is restaurant grade with stainless steel benches, Nespresso machine, large fridge, and all the appliances, and pots/pans you’ll need to whip out a 3 course dinner.

As you continue to walk through, you’re lead to the wooden study desk with the mandatory stationary set that you’ll find in all hotels. What you will also find is a wall length with varying fixtures so you can hang all types of clothing you’ve brought along. A ceiling to wall length mirror hangs opposite for when you get ready, or perhaps so you can take advantage of the ceiling hung swing?

Draw back the white curtains I mentioned earlier, and you’ll find your king sized mattress with black bed frame, and black shelving. You’ll never have someone hog the sheets or pillows as the bedding covers the mattress completely, and you’ll be too fixated on the view outside your bedroom window!

If a quiet night in isn’t what you’re looking for, than maybe the 3 Bedroom Penthouse is! This suite holds up to 8 people with 3 king sized beds in 3 bedrooms, and the option for 2 foldaway beds.

Located at the very top of Zara Tower Aparthotel’s 16 levels, the 3 Bedroom Penthouse makes you feel like you’re above the clouds. The furniture is all light browns, the kitchen, and dining has a marble bench top, the walls are pristine white, wall length windows everywhere and there are 4 balconies.

When you walk in, you’re almost blinded (or blessed) with the heavenly Australian sunshine hitting all the marble, and tiling in the hallway, kitchen, and lounge room.

The 3 Bedroom Penthouse was definitely design with socialising in mind. The kitchen, and dining room is open, with plenty of space/seating for a room full of hungry mouths. The 6 seater leather couch is also adjustable, with adjustable headrests, and can be moved into other formations to accomodate however you want the seats. Across the whole side of this entertainment space is a large balcony where you can see Oxford Street - a key part of Sydney’s nightlife (or was before the lockout laws).

Turn left from the dining room to find one of the bedrooms. Inside is a king sized bed, wall length wardrobe, dressing chair, personal balcony, and personal bathroom. The bedroom is equipped with a shower, toilet, medicine cabinet, and his and her sink space.

Turn left from the front entrance, and you’ll find the bulk of the rooms. Adjacent to the lounge room is the second bedroom. This bedroom is for the more adventurous couple, or perhaps for the children who you don’t want liking the doors? The bedroom has two doors - one by the lounge room, and one by the hallway. Inside is a smaller wardrobe, and balcony that’s shared with the master bedroom. This bedroom does have a bathroom but it is a bathroom/laundry room combo.

Continue down the hallway to find the prize of the 3 Bedroom Penthouse - the master bedroom.

The master bedroom has a king sized bed, wall length wardrobe, spacious living quarters, and a luxurious bathroom.

Inside the bathroom is a deep set bathtub with shower, sink with medicine cabinet, and hidden toilet. It also has a glass wall so you can see the person showering or bathing from the bed. Definitely a bedroom for a couple in love!

Thank you also to Zara Towers Aparthotel for this sponsored stay! While this has been sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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