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A Non Sponsored Review of Modibodi Period Panties

Surfing the crimson wave is such an emotional rollercoaster for me, and many women.

Oh the worrying

Will I wake up, and have ruined my sheets? Will my cute underwear be stained forever? Will I get it in the middle of the day when I’m not prepared?

Thankfully I recently discovered an Australian brand called Modibodi who make period panties through my day job. Their period panties come in a range of sizes, styles, colours, and absorption amount so you can wear a pair no matter what time of the month or shape of your body.

How strong are they?

Our flows are all different. Some months its light, some it’s heavy, and others is a journey from the elevator scene in The Shining to just a light spotting.

Personally I go for the heavy overnight pairs during my period just for peace of mind.

How does it work?

This isn’t like a chunky pad hidden in some seamless underwear. It’s only 3mm thick, and the heavy/overnight pairs can absorb 15 - 20mls of liquid which equals about 2-3 teaspoons. In comparison, across your period you leak on average 60 millilitres equalling two shot glasses, or just more than 16 teaspoons.

It’s made of 3 layers:

The top layer wicks away moisture, and stops bacterial growth, and smells so you don’t have that gross drippy feeling.

The middle layer absorbs the fluid, and keeps it locked away so you’re not carrying a waterbed between your legs.

The bottom layer is waterproof just for that extra support, and reassurance even on your heavier days.

All three layers are made of luxurious materials too like bamboo, merino wool, and microfibre so they act like a microcosm of breathable, antimicrobial, and reliable set of panties!

Did it work for me?

Yes I would 100% recommend using Modibodi in their heavy/overnight absorbency range. I’m not really a heavy bleeder but I liked the reassurance that it could pack punch just in case.

I was first quite hesitant, and stuck to wearing dark pants, and skirts with a liner at the back, and front just in case. I've heard the horror stories from women who have tried other brands, and even Modibodi panties who experienced leaks, or a gross "wet" feeling before the blood absorbed.

But after a few days of period hell I realised I didn’t actually need the extra liners.

I didn’t leak at all, it didn’t smell, and it also didn’t feel like I was wearing a nappy, or require me to open a pad in the bathroom which everyone knows just sounds like a bag of chips in an inappropriate snack location.

It also meant I didn't have that uncomfortable feeling of the pad wings scratching against my thighs, setting reminders to change my tampon, or even needing my friends to "check me" whenever I got up.

It also meant I could contribute less damage to our environment, and to my wallet…

How much are we spending on menstrual products?

Do you know the average woman has 456 periods in her lifetime based off the average 36 years we get them?! That’s pretty much 456 times you have to run to your local Woolies just to buy a new pack of overnight pads, tampons, liners. Not to mention the ruined underwear, stained sheets, please-hide-from-a-black-light mattress, heat packs, panadols, hydralytes, or even ice cream you binge on.

That racks up to a staggering $19,000 across your lifetime just on dealing with our periods.

Instead you could be spending a minimum of $25 a pair, or $167.50 on a 5 pack of light to heavy/overnight panties from Modibodi which you can use over, and over unlike your tampons.

All you need to do is to thoroughly wash them out, leave it out to dry, and ta-da! Ready for next month.

What menstrual products do to our world

Sadly, our menstrual products over our lifetime contribute to 120kgs in landfill from our pads, tampons, liners, and more. By moving to more environmentally friendly, and sustainable menstrual product alternatives like period panties we can stop this ever flowing (sorry I had to) amount of waste to landfill.

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