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Honest Homary Furniture Review

Introducing our new living room bench seat from Homary!

This curved, modern bench is upholstered in white velvet with gold, metal legs. It was just $569.99 (or $549.99 if you apply the onsite discount), and just like their entire store, came with free shipping!

Is Homary furniture comfortable?

This Homary bench is surprisingly really comfortable to sit on even though it is curved slightly on top. There’s definitely some foam padding underneath that gives it a light, springy feeling like you’re on a cloud but without any springs.

Does Homary furniture look like the pictures?

I always have a level of scepticism when I look at items online for sale. Will it look like the photo listing or is it heavily photoshopped or a stolen image? Thankfully, the bench looks exactly like the product listing.

I love the muted, warm white of the velvet which matches our coffee table which is made of white volcanic stone.

I’m always a bit hesitant getting any furniture with gold legs in case it looks tacky but this bench doesn’t have that vibe. We don’t have a lot of gold accents around the home so if I’m ever in doubt, I can always spray paint the legs matte black.

Is Homary delivery quick?

The Homary delivery was super quick! Usually when you buy furniture online is can take weeks with the average shipping time being 16 weeks – eek! But this Homary bench was part of their 48 hour dispatch section so I ordered it later half of one week, and it arrived the next week.

Is Homary furniture difficult to assemble?

This curved bench was so simple to assemble! It arrived in one large box that was surprisingly easy to carry but the courier brought it into my living room for me. All I had to do was screw in the 4 legs using 16 screws. The instructions say you can use a screwdriver but I used our power drill so assembly took under 5 minutes!


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