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Lollipop Baby Monitor Australia Review

Our son is currently 5 weeks old so he sleeps in his Kayula Moses basket with stand in our bedroom. He’ll be sleeping in our bedroom for at least 6 months as it’s the recommended length of time to reduce the risk of SIDS. In his nursery room we have the Cubo Ai baby monitor which you can read that review here.

My 2022 review of the Lollipop Baby Monitor

Honestly, I like it. The first few weeks after my son’s birth have been very exhausting for me as I recover from my emergency c-section, the taxing nature of breastfeeding, and pumping, and of course, caring for a newborn.

The Lollipop Baby Monitor was really easy for us to install as well as the wiring (we opted for the wall mounting option for installation) is white so blends into the wall.

The Lollipop app is convenient to navigate, and allows for multiple sign ins so my husband, and I both have the app on our devices. My favourite two features are the live feed in combination with the true crying detection. Together, they allow us to check up on our son if he’s really awake, and needs our attention or if he’s just woken up briefly between sleep cycles. In those instances, we’re able to monitor him for a few moments to see if he dozes back into REM sleep, or if he’s really awake for some bonding time.

In order to maximise the features of the Lollipop Baby Monitor, you will need a Lollipop Care plan.

My favourite Lollipop Baby Monitor features

True Crying Detection means the Lollipop can distinguish the difference between your baby actually crying, and just the general ambiance eg conversation. You can change the sensitivity of this feature from low, medium or high. Depending on the sounds generally in that space (eg if you have a tv next to the bassinet) you may want to have the setting on high so it better distinguishes your baby crying.

Crossing Detection is a feature where you have set the parameters of your bassinet/crib/Moses basket, and the Lollipop will detect if any part of the baby has moved out. While it detects if your baby has moved out of that virtual parameter, it is not motion sensored.

Noise Detection will notify you when the noise in the room is too loud, and how many decibels. For example, if we close a door loudly due to the wind, it’ll send us a notification. Like True Crying Detection, the sensitivity can also be changed from low, medium, and high, and what decibels.

Night Mode is automatically activated when it becomes too dark in the room. We’ve found the video quality is good at night, and can see our little man smiling.

The Sensor can detect the temperature, humidity, and air quality of the space as well which you will be able to see the log on your app. This is important as newborns are getting used to the world around them, and things like the temperature isn’t something they can regulate themselves eg removing their blanket if it’s too hot. You'll receive notifications if the temperature, humidity, and air quality is too high or low.

Sleep Tracking is a great feature that is available in the Lollipop Care Premier, and Elite Plans. You’ll get some basic facts about your baby’s sleep such as when they’re asleep, when they’re awake, if that sleep is occurring in the day or night, and when they are absent from the space.

How do you mount the Lollipop Baby Monitor?

There are 5 mounting options: crib mount, wall mount, bond mount, surface mount, and roll mount.

We opted for the wall mount as we deemed it as the safest option. This is because when our son is able to sit or stand, he may be able to grab the Lollipop camera if it were present through the Crib Mount, Bond Mount, or Roll Mount. Another option we played with was the Surface Mount however the Wall Mount allowed us to put the camera directly above the Moses Bassinet.

This article has been sponsored however all opinions stated are my own.


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