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Sydney Mirrors Accent Mirror

We bought this floor length mirror from Sydney Mirrors, and it was a great investment for the home! It’s pictured here in the living room.

Sydney Mirrors is a company based in botany who sells high quality mirrors at wholesale prices! I live about an hour away, and delivery cost $100.

What is an accent mirror?

An accent mirror is a decorative mirror that is used to bring together the room, and accentuates the theme of the room. Accent mirrors are usually quite large, and has a bold design whether that be the colour, structure, or unique quality.

This particular mirror is called the White Vintage French Ornate which is 182x92cm. It's Recommended Retail Price (RRP) is $999 but Sydney Mirrors sells it for $269. Bargain.

What is the best accent mirror?

The best accent mirror for your space is one that carries on the theme of the room, and acts as the focal point.

Where should you put a floor length mirror?

A floor length mirror can be placed flush against the wall or leaning on a corner. These placements will give the illusion of a bigger space. Opposite of the mirror should be minimal items such as just a plant, or sofa as the mirror will reflect any untidiness, and amplify it.

Can a mirror be placed on the floor?

Yes! A floor length, accent mirrors can be placed on the floor but you need to ensure that there is more than one pressure point against the wall. I recommend having both top corners against the wall so it’s not easily moved or dents the wall. If you have any children or pets that will be in the home (including visitors) I also recommend having at least one safety mount to avoid anyone tipping the mirror over, and potentially injuring the child or pet.


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