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Things to do when you're self quarantined at home

There's a meme floating around that goes something like:

The worst thing about being an adult is that there's always something to do. When you're relaxing, you're really just putting off your huge to-do list

And quite frankly, it's true.

Now that most companies have enforced a work from home policy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and public areas like restaurants, gyms, and bars are shutting their doors due to governmeny policies to try reduce the spread of COVID-19, it's time we started checking off those tasks we've been putting off.

Disinfect your home

Think of every time you, or a guest has sneezed, coughed, farted, or worse in your home. All those germs, and bacteria are lingering across your door handables, hand rails on the staircases, remotes, and more. I recommend doing a quick disfinfecting of these commonly used objects with some hospital grade disinfectant, and making a pattern of disinfecting these objects regularly.

Follow this up with vaccuuming everywhere, and wiping down your shelves. Now your home is clean!

For now...

Cull the closet

We own so many things!!

I rarely buy new clothes anymore as I now only buy clothes that I will wear many times due to versatility, durability, and comfort. But I do recieve clothes, get clothes as gifts, outgrow old clothes, and of course, need to say goodbye to some less than flattering outfits I've purchased.

It's time to raid your closet, and like Marie Kondo said, ask if it sparks joy. If not, it's time to send those clothes off to your local donations spot, or perhaps set up a Depop!

I personally have my clothes across four closests due to how much I own (and wear!) so I spend 4 hours culling my closets to make a donation pile, and what to keep.

Air out your mattress and pillows

It is recommended that you air out your mattress, and pillows at least every 3 months. I personally air my mattress, and pillows once a week for an hour when I change over all the sheets. Having a Koala mattress, and Koala pillows means I sleep cool, and comfortably every night! The mattress is made with Kloudcell so it's breathable, doesn't retain moisture or heat, and the pillows are made using cool gel infused memory foam. Both products are wrapped in a eucalyptus tencel cover.

Why is it important to air out your mattress, and pillows?

Regardless of what mattress, and pillow brand you have, you need to let the materials breathe. When in use, these products are trapped under sheets, cushions, throws, and more. Mattresses which are aired out frequently show fewer bacteria than those which aren't.

Bacteria is everywhere but airing out your mattress, and pillows helps reduce the amount of bacteria you're shoving in your face every night.

To air out your mattress, remove the sheets, and lean it against the wall. I turn on my fan to help with the airing out process. For the pillows I remove the covers, and keep them elevated on a dry surface.

Lastly, indulge in some pampering

Time to do a nose peel (my favourite is Biore), face mask, exfoliate your body, and moisturise until you're as smooth as a dolphin. You're at home but it doesn't mean your self care goes out the window.

So stay safe, wash your hands, and seriously...stop touching your face!!


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