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Winter outfit tips for petite girls

It's colder each day as winter looms its head here in Sydney, and which means I can finally bring out my cashmere sweaters, knee high boots, and thick coats. But dressing for winter can sometimes be difficult when you're a short girl like me. I'm 155cm or 5'1" for any Americans reading this. I can't reach the top shelf in grocery stores, people like to rest their arms on my shoulders, and most midi dresses look like maxi dresses on me.

Below are some tips on picking a winter outfit when you're fun sized:

Watch the length of your coat

Aim to get a coat that is either reaching your knees or a few centimetres longer so it's mid calf. This makes you look taller, and gives your legs protection against wind so you stay toasty! Any longer in length will make you look shorter, and coats that are shorter will elongate your midsection. If there's a lot of decoration like big pockets, or ruffles it will also bulken up your figure.

if you do opt for a shorter coat you can partner it with a similar colour pair of knee high boots to elongate your figure by continuing the colour blocking vertically.

The material of this coat is also is thick so you can stay warm but not too thick that it feels like it's dragging you down. The belt is stretchy so you can tighten it differently based on how thick the other layers you're wearing are.

If you like matching with your partner, he can buy the Single Breasted Wool Mix Overcoat from Boohooman which is shorter in length to help bulk up their figure.

Choose a colour to compliment your skin tone

I've chosen an oversized, robe style coat in camel from Boohoo. I've chosen a camel coat because of how versatile the colour is. As someone with warm skin, I choose to wear primarily warm colours which best compliments my skin tone by not washing me out. You can read my tips on picking a sweater for warm toned skin here.

Wear versatile yet cosy knits

I like to buy clothes that I'll wear again multiple times but in different pairings. This enables you to have great pieces you love without hurting the planet through fast fashion trends. Find sweaters that are good quality, and fairly plain so you can pair it with whatever bottoms you're wearing, and it'll look like they complete each other.

To keep your sweaters in good quality remember to:

  • Fold not hang them

  • Leave them out flat to dry not put them in the dryer

  • Follow the care instructions!!

  • If they're feeling a bit itchy try soak them for half an hour in cold water, and fabric softener

High waisted anything is your friend

Every short girl knows that wearing high waisted bottoms gives you that length in your outfit! High waisted bottoms are the best for petite girls because it gives the illusion of a higher waistline so it accentuates the length of your legs.

I prefer wearing high waisted mini skirts over high waisted pants as my legs get quite warm so I overheat in pants. For when it's even colder I'll wear stockings.

But most importantly, wear what you feel confident in x


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