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BeachWaver Pro Australian Launch

Today I attended the Beachwaver Co media breakfast to commemorate their launch in Australia.

Alongside Australian bloggers, magazine reps, PR, and influencers we watched the Beachwaver Pro, a professional, rotating, curling iron at work.

Their launch in Australia will be in two weeks, with sales only available online and in salons across Australia.

But why the fuss?

Firstly, the Beachwaver Pro is used on Victoria's Secret models during, and after their shows. That's right, those bouncy curly hairstyles that make women (and some men) envious is now doable by us mere mortals. While we'll be doing our own hair, instead of a team of professionals gathered around us, it's really simple to use!

I'll be doing a tutorial soon using the Beachwaver Pro so keep a lookout!

Key benefits

- rotates in both directions so you get a consistent curl on both sides of your head, no matter which is your dominant hand

- Gold infused ceramic tourmaline

- Professional Grade Heat of 130°C to 210°C

- To protect yourself from accidental temperature change, the curler locks in the chosen temperature during styling and requires you to hold a button to change temperature again

- 16.51cm ceramic barrel length wand so ALL your lock fits, not just a section

- 1" diameter wand for fuller curls

- Customised full length heaters throughout the wand, instead of the small 3" heater on cheaper wands

- 2.7meter swivel cord

- Ergonomic handle so no more cramping (for all the ladies with thick hair)

- Beveled no-kink clamp

- HI/LO adjustable speed so if you're not feeling confident yet, you can go at a speed you're comfortable with (don't worry, you'll be a pro in no time!)

- Memory technology

About the company

Founded by celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa, she was sick of wearing heat protectant gloves and having to hold the iron backwards for a good curl on her client's, that could take 45 minutes or more to look right. Wanting to innovate the hair curler market that hasn't really changed that much since it's conception, she wanted something that was easier to use, faster, and would help girls everywhere get the curl that only salon's seemed to achieve.

Thus, came the birth of Beachwaver Co in 2012, to a widely positive reception from celebrities like Margot Robbie, Lea Michele, and Heidi Klum. Now it's the official styling product and sponsor of the Victoria's Secret Show!

Beach waver Co has won numerous accolades like InStyle Magazine's 2013 Best Beauty Buy, Allure's Best in Beauty, Coastal Living's 2013 Best Beach Buy Award, Bride Magazine's 2013 Beauty Award, New Beauty Mag Ward, and Good Housekeeping Magazine's 2013 Best of Beauty Award.

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