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Eat Fit Food 'Clean & Lean' Review

When one thinks of starting a healthier diet, one doesn't immediately assume that s pics beef burrito with salsa, tomato, sour cream, and tasty cheese would be a part of the dietician's pre-made meals for you. But that's exactly the kind of delicious, yet nutritious meals you'll receive on the Clean and Lean program from Eat Fit Food.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to guest review the Eat Fit Food 'Clean and Lean' Eating Program, where I was given lunch, dinner, and drinks every day for seven days.

How does Eat Fit Food work?

The way it works is you choose which program best suits you, pick what weeks you'd like to do the program, and choose your meals. They serve breakfast, snacks, lunch, more snacks, dinner, (did I mention we get more snacks?!), and drinks. Eat Fit Food delivers the meals in recyclable plastic containers on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday within official Eat Fit Food cooler bags, filled with ice packs to keep your meal cold until you put it in the microwave. Unlike waiting for your beloved online shopping to arrive by post man, the Eat Fit Food team deliver the meals between midnight and 7am, and drop off the next meals during that same time.

No worry, no fuss, all great food.

What food is given for Eat Fit Food?

Day 1

Lunch 1 - Beef Thai larb salad

Dinner 1 - Lemon & herb beef with chestnuts, white bean puree & roasted brussel sprouts

Day 2

Lunch 1 - Spicy beef burrito with salsa, tomato, sour cream & tasty cheese

Dinner 1 - Vietnamese chicken pho

Day 3

Lunch 1 - Harrissa crusted lamb & roast potatoes with parsnip puree, roast pumpkin & leek

Dinner 2 - Steamed turkey breast with sweet potato gallette, braised chard & walnut vinegar caramel

Day 4

Lunch 2 - Lemon & parsley crusted fish with green peas & potato leek mash

Dinner 1 - Korean beef bibimbap with fried egg & chilli sauce

Day 5

Lunch 2 - Lean beef & pumpkin wholemeal lasagne with zucchini

Dinner 2 - Chermoula lamb with roast pumpkin mash & green beans

Day 6

Lunch 1 - Butter chicken with sweet potato, broccoli, brown rice & cucumber raitta

Dinner 2 - Lamb meatballs with tomato sage sauce, silverbeet, carrot & green peas

Day 7

Lunch 1 - Lemon & thyme scented chicken with carrot puree, asparagus & silverbeet

Dinner 2 - Braised beef with mushroom, zucchini & bean ragout

Eat Fit Food meal review

First thought when looking at their menu for the week was "great range". Each day provides two options for each main meal, such as whether to substitute the chicken for beef or lamb for seafood etc. There is also gluten free, and vegetarian options.

I love how many options Eat Fit Food provides as I am what I call a half/half picky eater. I am picky about what kinds of meat I eat, and how it's cooked (medium rare, no other choice is okay but medium rare!), but the ingredients to make it into a meal I am open to exploration.

Each meal has different ingredients, all fresh and grown at the Eat Fit Farm, and each week has a different menu. For someone looking to eat healthier, and get leaner (a healthy body starts in the kitchen before it heads to the gym), the Eat Fit Food eating programs are great way to get the nutrition into your body without being stuck with bland food.

Looking at their menu for this week is like looking at the menu of a high quality restaurant. Plenty of varied options, and tons of healthy ingredients!

Thoughts on Day 1 and 2

As mentioned earlier, the Eat Fit Food team deliver two days worth of meals during midnight until 6am. This meant I received Monday and Tuesday's meals on Monday morning before I headed out into the world.

Like I said, I am a big fan of meat, especially red meat. So I was delighted to look forward to Beef Thai larb salad for lunch, and Lemon & herb beef with chestnuts, white bean puree & roasted brussel sprouts for dinner. The beef in the Beef Thai Larb salad was nice, and tender, but could've had a few more pieces in the container. I understand the quantity, as it is a 1400 calorie per day program, and it is important to eat in appropriate portions. I've been very much a eat large quantities of meat person.

On Tuesday I ravaged the Spicy beef burrito with salsa, tomato, sour cream & tasty cheese. I LOVE mexican food, and order extra hot salsa for my tacos, and burritos. The great thing about Eat Fit Food was they thought through the potential sogginess of having a ton of vegetables, salsa, and beef, but serving the burrito deconstructed in several small (and recyclable) containers, for you to create the burrito yourself. After putting it together, I enjoyed a great tasting burrito. It wasn't as spicy as I hoped, but then again, I do put hot sauce!

The Vietnamese chicken pho was delicious, and yes the chicken was tender. The soup was served in a plastic bottle, to not disintegrate the chicken before you eat it, and the vegetables were nicely arranged in the round bowl provided.

Thoughts on Day 3 and 4

There's an advertising campaign in Australia that tells you to throw some lamb on the barbie (because what Australian throws a shrimp on the barbie?!). Lamb is one of my favourite meats, and Eat Fit Food did not disappoint with their Harris Crusted Lamb. As one who has never had a combination of parsnip puree, roast pumpkin, and leek, it was a pleasant concoction.

As for the Steam Turkey Breast, I had to throw it inside my Breville Smart Oven (best kitchen discussion I ever made was buying one) instead of microwave as instructed. I am very particular with turkey, and like it as a nice, succulent roast.

While the Lemon and Parsley Fish was delicious, but day four's stand out was the Korean Beef Bibimbap with fried egg and chilli sauce.

​Thoughts on Day 5, 6 and 7

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Lasagna is the perfect meal, and nothing will ever stop my love of layers of pastry, beef, sour cream, and cheese. If I had a tinder profile it would probably say "20, and will eat a whole tray of lasagna in one sitting". From this deep seeded love, I was overjoyed attesting the Eat Fit Food Lean Beef and Pumpkin WholeMeal Lasagna with Zucchini. The pumpkin and zucchini were great additions to the perfect meal.

The butter chicken looked a big unappealing in it's frozen state as it was also served with sweet potato, broccoli, brown rice, and cucumber raita, which all combined together. It did taste delicious, but from an aesthetic perspective, it should be served in separate containers as the rice was mushy. But the Lamb Meatballs had a nice consistency in terms of flavour, and texture.

The Lemon and Thyme Scented Chicken was a knockout, with a perfect balance of tanginess, that tasted delicious with the carrot puree. Lastly, the Braised Beef was definitely a winter warmer, which I cooked in a pot instead of microwave, to really get the sauces at a nice simmer.

Final Thoughts

I admit, I have been a skeptic to eating programs, and planned meals. I love eating out, and cooking my own foods as I can control what I get to eat that day. But there is something so relieving about having an Eat Fit Food program. There are so many eating programs, with even more food options for different diets, and it all comes delivered to your doorstep while you're sleeping. I was able to eat one week of mouth-watering meals without having to buy any other ingredients, or wash any plates.

It's worth a try Sydney!

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