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Exploring Turimetta Beach

Today I explored Turimetta Beach, it's surrounding vegetation, and breathless coastline via the scenic walkway, and some questionable hiking.

I went with my friend Blessings, and several of his friends from university. We arrived at the ungodly time of 5am to capture the sunrise to commence what would be several hours of filming for their episode production. I am the host of two of their travelling episodes, with the first filmed today.

Turimetta Beach is a breath of fresh air within my lungs that are so accustomed to the thick of city life. While I live in Sydney's North-Western suburbs, an affluent area full of young families that is the spitting image of suburban life, my own life revolves in metropolitan areas. I hardly venture off to the Northern suburbs except during winter for it's beaches, but now that Spring is here this trip was a nice escape.

Turimetta Beach is a hidden treasure located on Narabeen Park Parade, Warriewood in Sydney's Northern Suburbs. Besides the expensive mansions by the opposite side of the road, Turimetta Beach is separated from civilisation by a wooden scenic walkway that is surrounded by abundant flora, and fauna.

This beach is undisturbed by tourists, with no facilities on the beach, nor cliched tourist trap restaurants whose prices are ridiculously high. It is a haven for locals who we saw enjoying a relaxing stroll, an early morning swim, or spending the weekend catching a few fish. However, it is not a surfers paradise due to its calm waves.

On either side of Turimetta Beach is Turimetta Head, the walkway to the North, and South of the Beach. It's cliffside lookouts teeter off the jaw-dropping cliffs, making it a perfect location to watch the waves crash against the flat rocks below.

For filming, we wandered off the track, down the waist high vegetation, and nestled right on the edge of the cliff. While the climb down was quite steep, and slippery, the edge of the cliff was delightfully flat for filming.

After what seems like a never-ending winter, Turimetta Beach's salty air, and natural views was the beginning to the warmer seasons I needed.

After filming the cliff sequences, we wandered down the track to the beach. Turimetta Beach is a definite photographers dream. The cliff faces make an excellent backdrop of what can only result in stunning landscape photography. The sand is a warm gold, the rocks with the hints of reddish purple, and the water was a tranquil blue, lined with creamy foam.

My favourite moment during this trip was standing on the flat top rocks on the beach, and having the sound of the ocean be the only sound I could hear. There were no tourists, no locals, no screaming children, or honking horns. I was simply standing there at the edge of the ocean, and it was peaceful.

I definitely recommend anyone who wants to have a nice picnic with loved ones, or maybe a day to spend on themselves to spend it at Turimetta Beach. As for me, I've already told my fiancé that we need to go there for a day.

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