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Eden Farm Escape Review

This weekend we spent a beautiful, and relaxing few hours destressing, and immersing ourselves in the beauty that is Eden Farm Escape. It was a weekend that touched our hearts, and relaxed our minds.

What is Eden Farm Escape?

Created in December 2018, Eden Farm Escape is a collection of 5 luxury cabins situated in Bilpin NSW where guests can relax on the 90 acres of bush lands, the swimmer friendly dam, and endless paddocks of friendly, rescue farm animals including numerous horses, cows, sheep, alpaca, goats, ponies, and donkeys.

How much does it cost?

Stays in the cabins cost as little as $300 a night to $650 with cabins ranging from one bedroom fitting 2 people, to 3 bedrooms fitting 10 people. But as someone who ventured off to visit all 3 cabin sizes (1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom), all are definitely luxury cabins with all the finest fittings needed for a comfortable, and deluxe stay. Is it worth the price tag? Definitely.

What is the purpose of Eden Farm Escape?

Upon my booking, I was given the phone number of Deborah, the owner of Eden Farm Escape. Through several points of contact, we discussed the reasoning behind Eden Farm Escape, and how pure their intentions are. Firstly, Eden Farm Escape is a labour of love by a happily married couple were touched by the work of Equine Assisted Learning and Therapies. All profits from the cabins go towards full scholarships for children who have experience trauma, and their families, to provide them an escape from daily stresses, as well as equine learning, and therapy all 100% free.

How beautiful is that? To be so touched by the charitable work of others, that they invested their own money to produce a place that families experiencing hardship could find sanctuary to lead a normal life for a few days, and get free help to better heir lives, and mentality. What a beautiful place, and beautiful intentions that created such a beautiful place.

How was the cabin?

Now my husband, and I are not really fussy people. We tend to go out of our way to see the best of each situation because that is a great way to be content in every situation you find yourself. But with Eden, we didn't have to try hard.

Open entering the gates, Eden Farm Escape was a happy place for us to just relax, have a bbq, and get to meet rescued animals without sacrificing the finer things in life we enjoy.

The drive through the 90 acres that was Eden Farm Escape was pictures cape with rolling rolls of happy animals, and ankle length grass for all the animals to nibble. Our cabin had it's own private driveway, and it's facilities were like a luxury hotel merged with the comforts of home.

There was a fully functional kitchen, coffee machine (thank goodness), air conditioning, bathroom, queen bed, soft sheets, comfy couch, foxtel, access to Netlix, and a balcony that gave us visual access to the chattering kookaburras, and wild kangaroos in the area.

Did we visit the animals?

Hell yes! I actually visited them twice the first night, and twice the second day so I could feed them, and pat their happy heads. When we went to the farm animals they actually kept following us, and seemed so happy to be pat on the head, and given grass.

For children who has experienced trauma that visit, they are able to ride the horses, feed the animals, and play with the animals With the animals so chill, and happy to be visited, I just know kids who visit will have an amazing time!

A big thank you to Eden Farm Escape for allowing me to visit your property, and get to witness the goodness of the place, and the goodness in your hearts.

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