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Introduction to wigs with Uniwigs

Fun fact: For two years during high school, and university I was a blonde. Not fun fact: my hair was not very happy with it! Because of this treachery by my own head, I was so happy to be collaborating with LA based company UniWigs. For this review, I am wearing the Uniwigs Sunshine Synthetics Lace Front Wig that is currently on sale! For some extra moolah off use the discount code INC20!

Thoughts about wigs...

I've toyed with the idea of getting a few wigs, or maybe hair extensions for my posts. I used to go to a performing arts high school, and have been a devotee to the arts since I was a child so it's not something new for me to wear wigs for a show. Plus I used to wear a red wig as I sang along to Disney's The Little Mermaid (that makes me qualified right?).

Wigs are a fun way for people to pretend to be someone else, maybe even an alter ego. Hell, even Beyonce has Sasha Fierce and she's already fierce to begin with. To get to pretend to be a new character or version of yourself can be an amazing tool for people to explore their personality, and let parts of themselves come out through role-play.

Our hair is an asset for ourselves that provides us with confidence. When your hair looks great, you feel great. There was even that (fairly strange) episode of Glee called "Hairography" where they did choreography using the sexuality of hair.

About Uniwigs...

Uniwigs is a company based in Los Angeles, and all of their wigs are manufactured in Asia. Don't let their manufacturing location be a deterrent. Uniwigs ensures that they control, and moniter every step - from the design, and development in Los Angeles, to the production, quality control and sales, from Asia. I personally like companies who monitor every stage from the beginning to end as it ensures a higher level of quality control, and it means they are harbour more responsibility towards customer satisfaction.

Why I chose this wig...

As mentioned I used to have blonde hair. As an asian, it took me four hours for the bleach to properly penetrate my hair, and for the toner to get those yellow tones out! So of course, my hair was a victim to my desire for blonde hair. It all originally started when I play date Glinda the Good Witch from Wicked, and then turned into something I wanted to maintain. But as I got older, and more focused on my career in advertising. I chose to opt for harder locks to be taken more seriously by my white collar clients. Now I like to wear the Uniwigs Sunshine Synthetics Lace Front Wig for a bit of nostalgia, and also for some fun pieces of content for my blog.

My feedback on the wig...

As far as wigs go, this is pretty good wig. Like I said I used to do a lot of performing arts, and wearing wigs could be a pain. There is some really itchy, annoying to put on, and damn awful wig textures out there but Uniwigs isn't like that. The Uniwigs Sunshine Synthetics Lace Front Wig came nicely packaged, with instructions that were easy to follow. The texture of the wig is soft, and it was actually mistaken several times as my "real" hair aka I dyed it back to blonde.

The colour blends easily with my naturally black hair roots, and was very easy to put on. It did;t make my scalp itch which I was worried about, and it thankfully came with a box to store the wig in (so I don't have a scary mannequin wearing a wig in my bedroom).

Thank you also to Delphine The Label for supplying my wardrobe for this photo session. You can purchase this Conquerer Maxi Lavender Top, which is part of the Sweet Me collection at any of these stockists.

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