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Dress For Work Without Being Dressy For Work

During the beginning of this year, I left my job in the Account Service team at a full service creative agency, and now do communications for a striving Australian startup. It was a scary but exciting transition, and for me it was one of the best things to happen.

The environments are extremely different despite the workplaces being only two streets apart. Where I work now there is more than double the amount of employees but a healthy mix of of genders, ethnicities, and age demographics. Every day is kind of like casual Friday, my bosses are cool guys from Byron Bay, and there seems to be a lot of beer stored around the office for after work drinks.

Basically, it's a chill place even though its Australia's highest selling mattress in it's industry, made 1 million sales in 79 days, already expanded across Asia within two years, and is set to tackle all furniture within the next couple of months.

It's going to be quite an adventure, with an abundance of opportunities, and in the thick of it....what the heck do I wear?!

Pretty much my wardrobe is full of outfits that at least one person says "why are you so dressed up". I'm not really a dressed down kind of person. Due to always being in some kind of leadership, academic, or professional setting, my clothes are all ready for good impressions.

So working at Koala, I sometimes find it hard to get dressed in the morning with something that matches their relaxed, Northern, and Eastern suburbs atmosphere.

To try find a balance in the middle, I paired this Lotus Jumpsuit from Pilgrim Clothing, with the Ditch velvet loafers from Windsor Smith, and the Valentina bucket bag from Esther. It's a simple outfit, that looks like you hardly put any effort putting it together, but still stylish enough that it can transition to my night time outfit with a nice coat on my shoulders!

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