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Low Sugar Apple Cocktails

When I think of Summer, I see sandy beaches, swimming in backyard pools, barbeques, and of course, fruity cocktails!

The problem is most cocktails are overloaded with sugar that your #summershred disappears in a matter of days. That’s why I’m so happy I found a great alternative: 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Apple Cider.

The 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Apple Cider is 97% sugar free, with less than half the amount of sugar of other top brand ciders! It contains absolutely no artificial sweeteners or preservatives but tastes exactly like normal apple cider.

With 5.0% alcohol volume, and a sweet taste without the unnecessary carbs, it makes a great mixer option, or just to crack open a bottle to drink it straight! Below is my new summer time cocktail when I want something light, refreshing, and with a bit of dancing juice:


1/2 Red Delicious Apple

1 x 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Apple Cider 375mL

2 splashes of Chambord Liqueur


1. Pour the entire contents of the 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Apple Cider 375mL bottle into an ice tray, and freeze overnight

2. Dice the Red Delicious Apple, and put it into the blender until smooth

3. Empty the (now frozen) apple cider ice cubes into the blender and blend in pulses

4. Pour the desired amount into a tall glass

5. Add 2 splashes of Chambord Liqueur over the top, and stir

Ta-da! It's great because it doesn't have an overwhelming fruit flavour, the perfect strength of real apple taste, low calorie, cool for hot weather, and if it melts, it's not watery as it contains no ice water!

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