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What every guest bedroom should have

My husband, and I live in a 4 bedroom home with our Pomeranian dog Sookie. We usually have guests over, and as we're in our early twenties, there tends to be a few rounds of drinks so people sleep over.

Firstly, I love being a hostess, and on my occasions people are completed me on my party organising, and hostessing skills. Cooking lots of different meals, and seeing people truly enjoy themselves brings me joy.

And also, I love having people sleep over because you should've drink, and drive.

What is a guest bedroom?

A guest bedroom is an extra bedroom in the home for one or more people to stay in when invited over to your home. A guest bedroom is not a room that is usually rented, and its solely purpose is for short term stays such as a single night or weekend.

How to decorate a guest bedroom?

A guest bedroom should be minimally styled, and not overtly childish to resemble a kids room such as an abundance of plush toys. Your goal is to create an oasis of comfort not design while keeping design in mind for practicality. You want people to be comfortable sleeping over, and not worried of damaging the room by having unnecessary fragile trinkets.

What does a guest bedroom need?

A guest bedroom needs the major amenities for overnight comfort: a bed, proper pillows, a light blanket with optional doona for hot or cold nights, something to prop their bag, and some toiletries incase they haven't brought any/enough.

We have 3 guest bedrooms, and this one has a double sized Koala mattress, double sized bed base from E Living Furniture, Koala tencel sheets, Ikea ergonomic pillows, a Koala short and wide bookshelf, a Virgil Abloh x Ikea collaboration dining chair, and several decorative pieces.

How to make a guest bedroom cosy?

To make a guest bedroom cosy you need to have a comfortable bed set up so they have a good night sleep: a Koala mattress, E Living bed base, Koala sheets, and Ikea pillows.

On one wall we've added artwork by Claire Bebsy that are framed in Country Road oak frames.

And the decorative pieces are bright, pops of colour: decorative vase, some plants, and several books, and New York Magazines. The magazines are in an Ikea metal container, with a soft pink night light that's bright enough for some light reading before bed.

How to prepare a guest bedroom?

In preparation for a guest, the bed should have fresh sheets, and newly done to ensure there's no layer of dust. To help provide better sleep remove the mattress cover, and sprinkle some bicarbonate soda mixed with some lavender oil across the mattress, leave for 30 minutes, and vacuum it off. This provides a freshness to your mattress.

Plump up the pillows so they're back to normal form, and steam the sheets to remove any crinkles.

I recommend lightly dust the shelves, and vacuum the carpets too if it's not part of your normal monthly cleaning routine outside of a guest staying over.

And lastly, the sleepover kit. I got this sleepover kit from Beysis who doe customised toiletry bags. Inside the sleepover kit should be the essentials: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, tooth paste, a tooth brush, mouth wash, and a Panadol. When I know someone is sleeping over I add a fresh cold bottle of water.

I also add a waffle bathroom robe, and freshly laundered towel to they can kick back, and relax after their shower.


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