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Koala All Season Tencel Sheets Review

After a long day at work, and a 2 hour commute home I pretty much collapse onto my bed where I'm greeted by the softest, and smoothest sheets I own: my All Season Sheets by Koala.

Who is Koala?

Koala is an Australian based online furniture company that sells environmentally friendly furniture, and bedding. With a philosophy in making the best version of each product that does not harm the environment, or people using it from production to product afterlife, Koala's products all are created to make the world a better place. Bringing together award winning products with friendly Aussie based customer service, adoption of endangered wildlife with each purchase, 120 night trials, convenient 4 hour delivery, and easy to assemble products with no screws or tools, Koala has become an Aussie household favourite.

What are the sheets made of?

Unlike the Koala Summer Sheets which were a French Linen, and Tencel Lyocell blend, the Koala All Season Sheets are 100% Tencel. Tencel is created using eucalyptus pulp fibre, and is considered the world's most sustainable fabric as it is made in a closed loop production process, is completely transparent about it's water usage throughout the production process, requires no harmful chemicals to produce so it's safer for it's workers, and safer for those using it that has sensitive skin, and recycles 99% of solvents used. The eucalyptus is harvested from certified, and sustainable sources, and actually manufactures using renewable energy sources.

Tencel lyocell fibres are extremely durable, regulate moisture absorption, dissipate moisture, help regulate body temperature due to it's breathability, retain it's colour, are unfavourable for bacterial growth, have no electrostatic charges, and is even biodegradable due to it's botanic origin.

What does the Koala sheets feel like?

Tencel is an extremely soft fabric that feels softer than silk so tucking yourself into bed wrapped in tencel feels like pure bliss! Tencel is actually twice as soft as cotton! The fibres at microscopic level are smooth so you can just glide on the fabric.

The All Season Sheets are created using a twill weave, instead of a conventional weave to allow it to be heavier, and have a more luxurious drape on your bed.

These sheets are honestly so soft, and smooth that they make you want to sleep naked - woohoo!

Pictured: My husband literally falling asleep as I was trying to take a photo for this post

What's so special about them?

Not only are they made of a luxurious, and environmentally friendly fabric in timeless colours but they also have some special elements. Firstly, all sheets come in the most adorable packaging: a story book! The starter sheet set (fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases), flat sheet, and duvet set (a duvet cover, and 2 pillowcases) all come in separate packaging. The boxes have a cute Koala drawing on the cover, and a story on the side cover. It also doubles as storage for your sheets! Each Koala sheets range actually comes in a different storybook colour so you can collect them all!

Everyones gone through the annoyance of trying to find the right way up for their fitted sheet. Koala has reduced that annoying moment by adding tags that say "head", and "toes" so you know which way to put the sheet on your mattress.

Personally I put my sheets on my Koala mattress which has a cover also made of Tencel for double the comfort!

The zippers are hidden by having the zipper the same colour of the sheets.

If you're like me, and have multiple mattress sizes around the house then you know how annoying it is to try find the right size of your sheets for each bed. So Koala has added the sheets size indicator on the inside!

Lastly, the care instructions are printed using a water based ink, on a translucent tag that is smooth so they'll never hear the crunch, or feel the itch of another pesky care label!

Is the Koala sheets good for sensitive skin?

My husband has sensitive skin due to his history of cystic acne growing up, and I am allergic to dust mites so we always invest in only high quality bedding, and pillows.

Koala's bedding are free from AZO dyes, which can break down into carcinogens, and are created using no harmful chemicals so it's great for people with sensitive skin!

What colours do the Koala sheets come in?

The Koala sheets are inspired by Australian nature so they come in the shades: Cloud White, Slate Grey, Blue Gum, and Midnight Blue. In this blog post I have featured the Slate Grey, and Blue Gum.

How much are the Koala sheets?

Prices start at $110AUD, with a full queen set (the most common mattress size) will bring you to a total of $420. Delivery comes free Australia wide with the option for 4 hour delivery when you order before 2pm. Koala also offers finance through Zippay, Zipmoney, and Afterpay!

Where can I try the Koala sheets?

All Koala products come with a 120 night trial. This means you can order the sheets, try them at home for up to 120 nights, and if it's right for you you just keep it! If it's not (how could it not?!) then you just contact the Koala Customer Support team, they help organise the return, and you get a full refund.

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